Minecraft on Acer ICONIA w500/w501

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  1. Is there anyone out there running minecraft on a Acer Iconia? I played minecraft on it before running windows 7 but now i cant get it to work with windows 8.
    And i know how to run minecraft in windows 8 since i have been doing so on my desktop pc since the first leaked version of win8. But for some reason I just cant make it work.

    However I modify settings and drivers and so on either faults occur:
    * Downlads minecraft but stops at black screen before menu (as the opengl issue)
    * Can't connect to minecraft.net (at all)
    * Java error code and shutdown (this is fixed though)

    The thing is i've tried various drivers including the ones that I had before OS change. So the OpenGL like fault should not be an OpenGL fault.

    Not that it makes any difference but I got the 3G version w501.

    Sorry for my bad english and thanks for any help provided!!
  2. Ask JackBiggin he has Win 8 and knows what to do.
  3. Thx nfell2009, I'll ask him...
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  4. There is your problem. Your using W8 over W7!
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  5. Also, you seem to be good with computers. If you are, i suggest making your PC dualboot with a version of linux, and play MC on there until the W8 error is fixed. Of course, make sure you know what you are doing if you do it:)
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  6. The problem isnt windows 8 itself. its a usually a handtwist to make it work on win8. the problem i got is the iconia. I would agree that windows 7 is better than windows 8. but if you would have done your homework jkjkjk182 you would know that the w501 is a touch interface pc, wich gives windows 8 an extreme advantage in user interface. and on the plus side it actually needs less of the icona to run than win7 and leaving more resources for other programs.

    And i wont dualboot it cause its a pain to make linux stable on it. It screws up the 3g modem, the bluetooth, screenrotation, ect...