Windows 8 + Minecraft - DO NOT UPDATE

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  1. ^Borrowed from the MC Update thread. Thanks Justin.^

    Windows 8 appears to be having some technical problems with Minecraft right now, so although you can currently get Windows 8 extremely cheaply, do not update if you want to still play. Many people (including myself and other community members) are having difficulties getting it compatible due to OpenGL errors.

    Windows 7, Windows 8 Developer Preview and Windows 8 Consumer Preview seem to run fine with it, however Windows 8 Release Preview, Windows RT, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro are having difficulties on some computers. You're not guaranteed to run into this problem, but if you intend to upgrade to Windows 8 and have one of the OS's it currently works on, I strongly advise you wait. The discounted price is still in effect until the end of January 2013.

    Please don't say "it's a graphics card error", because for me and numerous others, even with the correct drivers and all that, it still doesn't work. If you have upgrade then do try getting the Vista versions of the graphics card drivers, as they seem to fix the problem for some people. As Windows 8 is very new, the drivers seem to be having some problems working or something. I suspect a fix will be found soonish, but until, we just have to hang on.

    If you have updated, I recommend PMing Maxarias, Shaunwhite1982 and IcecreamCow to get derelict protection put onto your account - while it may not be needed, it's better safe than sorry.

    If anyone has a clue about fixes or whatnot, then please post them here, but please do not bash Windows 8 in general. You're welcome to your opinion, but this thread hasn't been made to turn into an argument.

    *Results vary from person, but the problem seems to be pretty widespread.
  2. :O Good thing I didn't update to W8
  3. Windows 8 is great if your on a tablet pc but not so great for your desktop PC. I will probably go back to windows 7 in the desktop.
    Solved it on my desktop pretty easy but not on the tablet.
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  4. You didn't know it was going to happen?
  5. That's from a PM I was in with ReeXz, I'm currently going to try it now. If anyone else is having similar issues, it's probably a good thing to have a go at. :)
  6. Good thing i didnt update to Windows 8! Oh wait, I guess technically that would have been a downgrade from OS X Mountain Lion... :rolleyes:
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  7. There are pros and cons of every OS... and I agree its a downgrade from win7 even unless you are on a tablet. even though the issue at hand is running minecraft on windows 8 not find out wich os is best for what. right?
  8. I'm planning to buy it, does it install when you buy it right away?
  9. You install a little program which you can pay directly off. As soon as the transaction goes through, it'll let you choose if you want to install it then and there, or to install it later. :)
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  10. Windows 8 isn't working correctly due to the fact Mojang need to sign there updates each time they release an update - Which they haven't done and by the sounds of it they don't want too
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  11. As far as I know, all that would do is stop them publishing them in the store - or at the very worst, make a SmartScreen alert popup. It shouldn't stop the game working...
  12. correct
  13. Ive been playing minecraft on windows 8 professional for 4 months... so idk what your talking about. nvidia had drivers released for windows 8 months ago.
  14. Nope, you will never get a fix. Mojang said they don't support windows 8.. I don't know why.

    Also, solution to the problem:
    Don't buy windows 8, lol. It's a horrible OS - the worst thing since vista.
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  15. Its not bad... just overall a rushed update. they focused on the "app store" and multitasking UI and generally didnt work on the OS itself.
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  17. Woh woh woh - Slow down there Vista was a dream compared to windows 8inchscreenonly
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  18. Also, may I remind you of this:
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  19. :rolleyes:
  20. oops i didnt see that.