Minecraft.net session servers having issues

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by JustinGuy, Oct 23, 2011.

  1. Sorry if you are having trouble logging into the server. Minecraft.net central session servers are having an issue with authenticating players (this happens from time to time).
  2. Also one way to check that it is Minecraft and not the Empire that is having problems is by trying a different server, or hitting this URL: http://session.minecraft.net/ that is the URL that the servers use for authentication.
  3. I can't get any servers to work!?!?
  4. Exactly, because it is a Minecraft issue :)
  5. yeah same cant logg in it just puts me out to the home screen or says some java thing
  6. could someone notify me when it is back online?
  7. Just check back from time to time to see, im sure justin will notify us when we can log in. :)
  8. Im having problems logging in it just wont let me ill keep trying( im kinda new to the server):(
  9. Yup, it's not just you. Everyone's having issues right now. :(

    Hopefully they fix these kind of problems after they do their official launch.
  10. GOD DAMMIT, get your nickers out of a twist minecraft.net!!!!!
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  11. Have they given any hint as to when it may returned to normal?
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  13. Awww TinyWinter is the only person on the server, he must be feeling so alone XD
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  14. i know right.. if only we knew what he was up too lol
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  15. i keep getting the error message "connection lost, End of stream" what the heck does taht mean???
  16. Read the original post of this thread, it explains it.
  17. that didnt help, i got onto solo minecraft just fine, but i cant do multiplayer at all...
  18. Solo Minecraft doesn't use Minecraft.net authentication like multiplayer does. It's nothing that can be "fixed" on your or our end, we just have to wait for Minecraft.net to fix their issues.
  19. OOOOHHHHH ok, im not as good at computers as many other people are so.... anyway, I HOPE THEY FIX IT SOON, i was playing on minecraft multiplayer just fine a few days ago, but now... i dont know.