Minecraft need new items...

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  1. Minecraft need new items... such as new things to mine make and need to put more things into propective like if we want to build a home we should have a table an chairs that look like them minecraft has grown alot since it has came out an we need to inprove it more so we all can get more fun out of it now as im not saying it not fun now i cant stop playing empire minecraft love it but it would be nice to get new thing to get like for etc obsiden pickaxe or sword an if we had obsiden pick axe or axe we get a newer item to mine an cut that needs that type of pick

    so if u like what i think is a good idea like this and comment your ides as well.


    playing on smp6.empireminecraft.com
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  2. I think Mojang should implement some of the best mods into Minecraft. I think the last time Mojang did that was Beta 1.7 with pistons.
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  4. you know what this game needs, motorcicles VROOOOMMMMMOOOMMM (you see what i did there :p)
  5. 1.3 is inclusive of SPC commands and books from some mod I've never heard of b4
  6. I want a friggin backpack. Positive, Carry more stuff. Negitive, Hunger bar decreases quicker. Made from leather, wool, and string.
  7. They should add something like a smithing table. It makes survival harder cause you can only make stone+ tools with the smithing table. Wooden ones can still be made in the crafting table.
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  8. Idea for backpack recipe: top: string, leather, empty. Middle: string, wool, leather. Bottom: string, leather, empty.
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  9. Reason why:

  10. Makes me think of adamzometopmarks.

    "I say what ho, chaps and chapettes! GameChap and Bertie here! Yeas! Indeed, very good fellows, I say you we are investigating the rather spiffing ______ modification! Ooh, what does it do?"

    Classic excerpt of an adamzometopmarks vid dialogue :)
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  11. Oh dear...
  12. fireworks would be cool also more animals and also more building materials so then there is more options of building
  13. more epic redstone creations add all the mods that were invented for pistons 00
  14. Just remember that as we go along, Mojang will add more and more stuff into the game, so it's not like we're stuck without horses FOREVER on EMC. That is one of the beauties of Minecraft.
  15. Waiting for the journal to come out xD.

    Going to write a book in minecraft :)
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  16. All I can say to these 2 posts is

    .....HELL YES
  17. Yeah, I actually plan on taking a draft of the novel I've been writing and putting it into a book for the people of EMC to critique. When 1.3 comes out, of course.
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  18. I think Minecraft needs a built in block for displaying items... Something that will display items such as ingots, Seeds, Dyes, etc.

    I know there are mods that let you do this, but it needs to be built in.
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  19. "i'm on a horse" (see what I did there)
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