Minecraft (Mojang ) has crashed

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  1. Apparently the crititca Mojang servers are down; authentification, multi-session and website.
  2. Another reason why we hate netty,
  3. Back up now, get on while you can.
  4. I dont like people like them >.<
  5. People are so stupid some times...
  6. Mojang should really try and get DDoS protection.
  7. They very likely do. But DDoS protection is very ineffective because it limits the number of connections/amount of data that can be transferred. And this is a) hard to do and b) will kick people off the network all the time.
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  8. It's not as easy as it sounds, they took down huge companies like Riot and EA, protection against this kind of stuff is pretty hard to do...
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  9. I wish people would stop making these threads. I mean seriously?
  10. Well, how else are some people going to find out why they can't login? It's not like everyone knows the server status link.
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  11. It is on the home page to your right.
  12. I started this thread, not for players like skydragon, but for new and younger players. Wasn't meant to discuss the strenghts and weaknesses of Mojang. If it happens again, I will again post information on the server status server if someone does not do it before me.
  13. Naa, these threads are useful for the General EMC community to talk it out. People get very lost if they don't know where to look for answers on why they cannot play. Most players aren't net savvy and don't know what's going on.
    Is it my computer?
    Is it EMC?
    Is it my IP?
    I don't understand.. what do i do?

    Just keep the thread useful, informative. Not a moan at EMC of Mojang. :)

    There's not much you can do except try every 20 mins - hour to log into MC and hope the attacks on Mojang ease up.

    The other thing you can do, is double check your computer isn't being used to DDOS someone. run your virus scans, and turn your computer off when your not at it (so they can't use your bandwidth to DDOS anyone).

    Also, now is the perfect opportunity to get away from the computer and do something you've been putting off because EMC is so addictive. :)
  14. The threads are not made to inform the servers are down, they are made to see if anyone knows why. Yes, it is written in the homepage, but people like to know why, if it's only with them, for how long etc.
    Also, if you do not like this type of thread simply don't click it ;)
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  15. The attacks are extremely hard to combat, given that Mojang already makes use of Amazon's cloud platform - one of the most capable in the world available for public use - it's hard to justify purchasing anything larger.

    It would be far cheaper to hire a private detective to track down the DERP team.

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  17. I'm gonna solve this argument by posting something a Moderator of EMC said.
    <----- it may not be bad login, but it's basically the same thing from the player perspective.[/quote]
  18. The problem is bigger then a bad login error.

    This is a perfect example of how vulnerable the infrastructure of the internet is. All it takes is one bored teenager sitting in Starbucks to take down tens of thousands of $ investment by Mojang. Anyone determined enough to pull something like this off can almost certainly take down similarly sized network setups. And due to the nature of the attack it's nearly impossible to stop anything of this size happening.

    I own an internet based business which suffered similar attacks, though not on the same scale. The reaction by the authorities in the UK is completely useless, see this photo for their response. That was the last I ever heard.

    EMC is a pretty random place to start talking about the governing of the internet, but more needs to be done to combat internet crimes. If someone walked into a shop and shut off the electricity, closed the shutters and closed the business for an entire day, the person would be arrested and brought to stand trial. That closure will have the same affect on business as Mojang's servers being taken down by these people, the only difference is that it won't be stopped and it will happen again.

    Rage over, me and the internet are love/hate.
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