Minecraft might get haybales in 1.5

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  1. A guy on Reddit found this image in one of the Mojam2 files.

  2. ICC will be pleased to hear this.
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  3. That looks cool :)
  4. does this mean we can expect the big bad wolf to show up as well? because i want to see what would happen to him if he tried to blow icc's hay bale house down :D
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  5. As for how you would craft these, it would most likely be like how you make iron blocks, just with wheat.
  6. Seems a little odd to me, why would they add haybales to the redstone update?
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  7. I saw this this morning on reddit too. :p
    Those may also be barrels...
  8. And my ranch will be complete, because I use yellow wool now... *_* Hallelujah.
  9. I wonder what purpose these would serve....maybe something where you have to start feeding animals or else they die? That would be really annoying though.
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  10. Pro: If made with wheat, better way to store wheat maybe?
    Con: Probably a new way to feed cows and the only way, just like Chickens and seeds/Pigs and carrots.
  11. Why not? Everything in the update doesn't have to be solely about Redstone.
  12. Thinking out of the box at Mojang, looks cool.
  13. Ahh, so it's seeds you feed to chickens? That's so helpful, I haven't been able to figure out what it was :p
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  14. Looks cool as a decoration ^_^
  15. Yeah lol. It took me a bit after the update to keep this in mind. On the plus side, it gives you something to do with the 300 seeds you get from harvesting your wheat.
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  16. I still think breeding should be disabled for chickens.
    The majority of the update is about redstone, but not all of it. Why else would they recode the lighting system in an update solely based on redstone?
  17. You feed chickens seeds? (Have I been living under a rock? :p)
  18. This might be 1.5.something, of 1.6. Someone said it might be barrels, it appears to have a texture similar to the actual texture of hay m real life so I'd say that's what it is.
  19. I don't get the issue with breeding chickens? IRL chickens breed. The eggs have to be fertilized and the hen has to sit on them. In minecraft that doesn't happen and there is very little chance to get a chicken from tossing an egg. In real life the only way to get a baby chick from tossing an egg is to be a cruel jerk and wait until the egg has a chick inside and toss it. That would end badly, well to normal people that would be considered badly.

    Hatching Eggs: Chickens can be hatched by throwing chicken eggs on the ground. Each egg has a 1/8th chance of hatching a chick, including a 1/256th chance of hatching 4 chicks. A full stack of 16 eggs has an 88% chance of producing at least one chick.

    Feeding Chickens: Feeding two fully grown chickens seeds will spawn a chick, which grows into an adult after approximately 20 minutes. Adult chickens can be bred about every 5 minutes.

    Both taken from the Wiki: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Chicken#Breeding
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  20. It would, wouldn't it.