Minecraft is illuminati

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  1. I always knew it.

  2. Have to admit I laughed, a lot xD
  3. That was the most amazing thing I have ever watched.
  4. Woah, that's cool :D
  5. *claps extremely slowly* ok? Ok
  6. I dont see how a cube is a triangle...........but OK!!

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  7. We all knew Microsoft had a reason for buying Mojang...
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  8. This means... EMC is Illuminati Confirmed as well!

  9. The triangle symbol of the Illuminati is most commonly found in the form of pyramids in minecraft.
    SMP 9 is known for their pyramids.

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  10. You may be onto something... I always had my speculations but this deserves more investigation
  11. Is it time for an SMP9, you worry me thread?
  12. WAIT WAIT WAIT. SMP 9. 9. 9 is 3x3. SMP has 3 letters. 3 3 3. 3 3's. 3 sides of a triangle, 3 angles. That's 2 of the 3's. The eye on the illuminati is a circle. Circle area is 2 pi r. pi. pi is about 3. Third 3. 2 r. R is the 18th letter. 18 x 2 is 36. 36 is 6x6. 6 is 3x2. 6x6 is 3x2x3x2. 2 3's x 2 3's. Minecraft is 1.8. 1.8... 18. 2 3's x 3 is 18. 2 leftover. Minecraft has 2 syllables. 2. Minecraft 1.8 is 36. Which is 3x10 and 3x2. That's a lot of 3's. Illuminati is a lot of 3's because triangles.
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  13. You have leaked secret material, you do not know what you've just done :l. lol jk bruh, I laughed a little bit from that video
  14. 9 + 10 is also linked w/ illuminati
    9 + 10 =21
    21 divided by 7 is 3
    theres 3 sides to illuminati's triangle
    Illuminati confirmed :l
  15. xD That made me laugh so hard. To further prove that our server is illuminati...
    Our server owner=Aikar. Aikar has 6 letters. 6/2(2 syllables in "mine-craft")=3 A triangle has 3 sides. All seeing eye is a triangle
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  16. Well then. That was... quite interesting.
  17. I am surprised that nobody has put this into their comment yet... :]