Minecraft is crashing (on EMC)

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  1. I'm having some big issues with my Minecraft crashing.

    Whenever I go to /v 4138 (that area, actually) on SMP2 I get the faded-white screen, my game stops responding and I have to close the window. It's happened before but just running out of memory with TNT, ect.

    I'm not sure what's wrong with the area, I did /res entcount on 4138 and there's only a few entities.

    I only just found out today, so I'm not sure how long it has been there.

    Does anyone know what's going on?
  2. Maybe from ur intel core and ram but when u don't turn ur mac/laptop/desktop then it will explode the hard drive try first rebooting it and when that doesn't work try reboot then copy ur .minecraft then
    UNINSTALL minecraft then RE INSTALL it it has worked for me heaps of times.
  3. Alex that area last night was givin jcplugs and I an issue... 0 fps and game crashing... It was near your alts res (alexchance2)
  4. hmm, if this doesn't happen else where, then its the res not your game. it could be anything, if you cant find the problem, then its impossible to solve. best of luck with whatever it is though.
  5. Yep, my alt is 4138. So it's not just me :/ Darn - is it still there for you?

    It's not the res, it's the area though. I'm thinking TNT explosion or something :/
  6. Um it was ok late last night before I got off... But our thought is that there is some red stone thing going nuts... But I'm at work now so I can't check...
  7. Thanks :) I'll have a look around
  8. Well, not crashing there anymore so it might be fixed. I also got rid of the fireworks that went off when you spawned there.
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  9. It kinda fixes it self. It's weird.
  10. Indeed, I hope it doesn't come back though
  11. All I got from that was You're intel Core RAM and Mac/laptop/desktop will explode the hard drive...
  12. Well josh my dads friend is a it expert I have asked him and he has said that
    Reboot laptop mac or desktop then check if it works then copy the folder u want to save then delete the came AND uninstall then reinstall the game and then put the .minecraft that. Saved in the %appdata% folder
  13. We were having a lot of problems with fireworks recently. I was investigating the area a little less than an hour ago and everything seemed fine. Hopefully it will stay that way.
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  14. I am also an IT expert and I can tell you that a hard drive will not 'explode'
  15. That was happening on smp1 because a res was causing massive lag its was so laggy that fps was 0 and when I teleported using /home I wouldn't report back unless I logged off and logged back on.
  16. Josh hello my hard drive exploded cause I left my laptop on for over 2 weeks
  17. Nah, things rarely explode in computers. They just melt... And stuff goes everywhere.
  18. Mba I had a gaming computer with i5 and the hard drive !EXPLODED! I heard a BAM and then the game crashed and the computer frye
  19. Um... A Hard Drive can not explode its air tight and highly incapable of doing any exploding, it can over heat and usually CPU is right on the hard drive on most computers which can cause lag from over heating. The only way your computer can explode is if 1. A massive power outage occurred and 1 out of 1000 the electrical current shocks the power supply case. and 2. if the cooling Fans or Heatsinks just decide "Hey im not gonna work today" causing massive over heating (be aware for massive over heating you would have to cover all vents and run the computer for a couple of days or run massive games all at once) this could melt plastic making it touch the power supply box casing causing electrical chaos and boom your dead. or 3. you put bombs in it

    but all this will most likely never happen Good Guy computer would just pass out for extended periods of time or Die.

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  20. This ^
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