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  1. This is why I updated MC early, look at my choices...
  2. just_desserts_by_omny87-d3cxfo1_large.jpg

    Poor creeper D:
    ↑ [I thought I added that?]
  3. Thats crossing the line... He looked so happy with his little sand castle. If anything, he was a good Creeper. Why I say this, he isn't blowing people up.
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  4. It Is WoM!
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  5. That good little creeper crying just messed up my day.
  6. He just want some hugz :(
  7. Holy f*** that's scary! :S
  8. OMG Icecreamcow's family is in that video! I am also in the starting post of this thread ( the video )
  9. I have no clue who the original artist is for this comic but a friend of mine sent it to me today on GTalk.

    Absolute Favorite one:

    My Minecraft life pretty much except I sing a better song than Tik Tok:
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  10. I think I was drunk then :D
    I cant even hold my head straight lol.
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  12. Awesome :D
    Baby creeper double-kill 2xSteves :D