Minecraft Humor

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  1. So, I'm bored and started looking at a few sites (not those kinds, you pervs) and found a few things that made me laugh. So, I thought I'd stick them here to give folks a chuckle.. besides, my therapists says I need to share more.

  2. I go on those sites, and I can't post most of the minecraft related stuff because of that.
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  3. This was always one of my favorites:

    Picture 15.png
  4. minecraft in real life! :D
  5. One for the folks outside of the US, a little bit of Minecraft Football... yes, I know all about Handegg, too.

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  6. rage-comics-minecraft_large.jpg

    Not sure if anyone else posted that, my computer won't let me see some images. :I
  7. I really wish I knew what the first video was saying (as it is in German o.o) but my addition to this would be go to my lot on SPM 3, and then go to the story room and read our (JabrZer0 and I) Lord of the Rings story. Shaunwhite1982 should be able to attest for this XD
  8. lol stuff :)
  9. OMG is that notch? XD
  10. I think it is.
  11. *Pointless comment for hundredth post*