Minecraft has suddenly started to hang.

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  1. For the last week or so Minecraft has suddenly began to hang/freeze for anything from a few second to a few minutes. When minecraft is loading it becomes "not responding" for about 30 seconds during the mojang splash screen. Once loaded it will hang again when I try and select a menu option. Once in game opening my inventory for the first time again causes it to hang. It will continue to hang now and then while playing.
    I have checked my drivers are all up to date.
    I have made a fresh install of minecraft, still same problem.
    I have uninstalled then reinstalled Java, still same problem.
    Minecraft doesn't crash so there is no crash report.
    Using windows 7, AMD 4 core processor, 8GB Ram, Radeon 560 (more detailed specs on request).

    Anyone got any suggestions?
  2. Restart your PC :p
    Uhm, did you install any programs or mods lately?
    Do you have problems with other things too?
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  3. I've had the same problem a lot, but I don't really have any suggestions on how to fix this. Usually if it happens, I just reload it until it works. I usually had crashing problems because the laptop was slow. Usually that is the problem for me. I hope your problem is fixed soon!
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  4. I was encountering a problem with youtube videos also hanging, but that has appears to have been resolved now.
    I have not installed anything new recently.
  5. It sounds like your PC should be able to breeze through MC. Does this happen on singleplayer, or just multiplayer? If it happens on singleplayer, get a list of your running processes....
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  6. It happens in single player too.
  7. WOW! Dat firefox :O close it :p

    I had this problem too, (but no firefox) and what i did was jumped from 1G RAM to 3G RAM.
    I advise you to close firefox and then restart MC. If firefox isn't even open, try to stop that task. (I'm currently not on an PC so i can't see...)
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  8. Ok. First off... You have well over 10 tabs running on Google chrome. I'm not doing the math, because its nearly 2am, but chrome and firefox are using a HUGE, almost RIDICULOUS chunk of your RAM. In addition, there are way too many other things running to really diagnose what the problem is. Close some things, and start from scratch.

    Also, I'm willing to bet there are conflicts in your java installations. Wipe them all, and start with 64 bit. Try Minecraft. The 64 bit java is a manual installation that you can find at http://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp.

    I'm pretty sure the issue will be the java installation, but clearing out unnecessary programs will definitely help. I find it hard to believe you are chatting in IRC, Mumble, and Google Talk - while recording on fraps and uploading to google drive all while browsing them internets using 2 browsers :p I mean, it's possible... but I wouldn't try it on only 8GB RAM :D
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  9. Dunno, is it 64 bit?
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  10. It has to be. He mentioned having 8GB RAM.
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  11. ummm might have something to do with the 10 chrome windows you have running and the insane firefox
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  12. You can always try OptiFine, It's an In-Game mod.
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  13. Yeah, 32 bit can't run more than 3 or 4 i thought?
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  14. Killing all the processes solved it. Now I just need to clean my start up and keep the ones I need.

    Likes to all, you are all great.
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  15. No problem, a happy you is a happy me! :)
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  16. I thought it would. MC can use a decent amount of RAM. Most sites suggest tweaking the launcher to use a minimum of 2GB for the absolute best performance. I personally don't think it's necessary, and don't do it, but the each their own. :)