Minecraft EMC with Pocket Edition?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by mart1111n, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. No, the way I read it is that Windows 10 and PE can play on the new PE realms together.
  2. That would have been awesome though.
  3. I was thinking that Empire would make a pe version but it might be a 50% chance it could happen
  4. I think Aikar once said it wasn't going to happen, I could be wrong and have bad memory but I remember something about not wanting to put the resources into it?
  5. The PE version and console versions aren't synced. We can't be both at once and we aren't going to make a completely separate server for it.
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  6. Hopefully in the future when Windows 10 version (slash MC: PE) becomes equal (or better) than the Java version, EMC could expand there.
  7. Yes, sure. I hoped Mojang makes the PE version equal to the desktop version so that it makes no difference if you connect with the desktop version or the PE version.

    The PE has so much better performance. It is based on the Windows Runtime, compared to the java runtime it is much more hardware accelerated and nearer the hardware. You can get 5-10 times more fps compared to the java version.