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  1. Hiya guys, I just felt like animating and made a cute little glimmery-eyed (Yes, that's now a word) creeper baby. http://www.mediafire.com/?bhnk3yohk9cbyfq . What are some things you guys have made involving minecraft? Whether it be pixel art, songs, doodles, animations, anything, post them here ^,^

    (=^.^=) Thank you and Meow
  2. Bumpa da bump bump :p
  3. I've made a creeper pen. Darkroom with a water collection point. 1x2 passage to seliminate spiders, and open roof to eliminate zombies and skeletons. Also, the water flushes out endermen, so I'm left with a room made of obsidian amd full of (at this point) about 50 creepers.

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    (OO) <-------- Bunny!
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  4. Sounds freaking awesome!!!
  5. It is! =P
  6. Bumpy bump? Come on guys, I know you are all really creative, I've seen some of the stuff you've done ;)
  7. I thought it'd be a creative idea to get the EMC community's opinions on something... But they really put me down about it so now I'm sad. That's a really adorable creeper though! :)
  8. Who put you down? I'll have to have a talk *achem* with them :mad:
    But you should post your stuff here, this is a no judgement zone. Unless the judgement is positive :p I for one would LOVE to see what you've made!
  9. Oh come one, guys you're being too modest. We wanna see your creations! We wanna hear about your ideas! I KNOW you are all really smart and creative, just freaking tell us about it! :cool: Please? :(
  10. Haha yeah, and you're awesome for doing it :cool:
    Who else wants to be awesome? No one? Well, more awesomeness for us :cool::cool:
  11. How do i make a gif? If i learn how I will make like a BF3 in minecraft gif with thousands of minecrafters fighting to the death with bombs dropping and tanks running over people and a giant plankton saying finally im big!
  12. Do you mean making a gif from a video or from something you made? If its from an already out together video then there are multiple applications for converting it to a gif. If you are going to make the frames yourself, I suggest getting the free trial of Adobe Flash. That's what I use anyway. Oh goddanggit trial expires tomorrow :eek: I'll get my brother to torr- BUY IT LEGALLY FOR ME....
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  13. Ok, there have been over 100 views... I know people are seeing it, you guys just aren't posting :( Oh, and look at my signature for another doodle of the famous minecraft-player TOBUSCUS. Can anyone suggest an animation or doodle for me?