Minecraft Crashing

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  1. Hey guys! I need Some help (sorry if this thread is in the wrong place but... staff will probably put this where it should be if its not supposed to be here)! My Minecraft keeps crashing every time it gets to the Mojang screen! Here is the Info it gives me every time it crashes:

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    //I blame Dinnerbone.
    Time: 17/04/15 19:30
    Description: Initializing game

    java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
    at bmi.a(SourceFile:363)
    at bmi.a(SourceFile:255)
    at bmh.b(SourceFile:130
    at bmh.a((SourceFile:77)
    at bot.j(SourceFile:553)
    at bot.a(SourceFile:139)
    at bou.a(SourceFile:23)
    at bnn.a(SourceFile:99)
    at ave.am(SourceFile:448)
    at ave.a(SourceFile:310)
    at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(SourceFile:124)

    With This Little Bit of info can someone plzzzzz help me D:
  2. Try to devote more ram to Minecraft.

    Change the number in that red box. (I'd recommend 2)
    (You may need to check that box beside it too)
    Also, this is only possible if you have enough ram avaliable
    (If it doesn't say G after the number, change it to a G)
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  3. I is noob... So
  4. I edited my post :)
  5. I tried the awesomebuilder way... now the haas way I have linux... haas' way wont work
  6. My minecraft wont work with 2 and not 1... something else must be wrong.... HELP
    P.S Some Important info would be My Software Is Ubuntu Linux
  7. I'm gonna try to start up Minecraft again but if anyone can help me then plz do .... I need MINECRAFT!
  8. oh gosh, Ubuntu Linux is a pain to work with sometimes..
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  9. Use the Oracle Java vs the openJava and if you are running Minecraft 1.8+ make sure you have the latest version. I had issues with the open version that were all fixed with Oracle version.
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  10. Yes.... Yes it is....
    *screams painfully into a pillow*
  11. Lol why did you get Ubuntu in the first place? xD
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  12. Mr sock man *new nickname* how do i use the oracle java? and yes I'm running 1.8+ so got a link to a download?
  13. My computer doesn't work on windows any more and ubuntu makes my computer go double quick
  14. teh, try searching a video up on youtube.. I only use Linux for server hosting. Minecraft+Ubuntu= not my kinda thing
  15. I cant use videos cus without sound its useless
  16. Oh true, try using youtube subtitles then, that might work. If not, just follow what they are doing in the video instead of listening to them.
  17. You will need to search Google or something for that information as it is outside the scope of this forum. There are plenty of websites (including Oracles) that can walk you through the process.
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  18. Is there a way to get past the difficulty of this all? :confused:
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  19. Try the Minecraft forums next