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  1. Quick post just to say the minecraft authentication servers are currently down, this means you will not be able to connect to the server however players connected will be able to still continue to play, the servers have been down since around 2pm. You should be able to join shortly, check this link for live updates: http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/
  2. Servers are now currently going up and down, you may be lucky and be able to connect :p!
  3. Everything working again :)
  4. Although I really appreciate your warnings to help other players there is one thing you should be aware of I think: the EMC website also tracks the status of the authentication servers. If you go to the main forum page and check the column on your right you'll come across the header "MC Server status". That tells us exactly if we risk running into problems with connecting.

    So; no need for other websites to monitor the status :)

    And thanks for the warnings!
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  5. I'm still getting auth errors logging in, saying they are under maintenance so I don't think this is fixed yet.
  6. the reason of this thread was because the EMC front page was broken for me and one of my buddies it just said "Unknown"
  7. Yes, there has been some problems with Minecraft. We're under anther DDos Attack that is turning on and off. Nobody knows why, it's just having problems. Now, reports say theres a hacker in the air. Our "MC Server Status" has been having problems do to the attack. It's not just you, it's everyone. Only certain amount of people can long on MC. That's why if you're in EMC, I suggest you stay there. If you don't understand, please PM me. Also, servers have been going up and down, on and off, it's just a mystery who's doing it. Please PM me if you need more help.