Minecraft 1.8.4 , how to show coordinates ? (without the extra added info)

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  1. I just readed that minecraft is going to 1.8 soon.
    So just switched form 1.7 to 1.8. But F3 shows now a terrible lot of text. I always used that for getting coordinates. But pretty useless now.

    Is there other way to show coordinates without and other text.
    Is there mabey some approved mod ? and wich one ?

    I need the coordinates for lot's of things.
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  2. You can use voxelmap, it is legal + a little minimap + coords :)
  3. Yes, VoxelMap is a great alternative, and can be adjusted to show just the coords if you don't want the map.
    Don't forget, you can do /location in game too.
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  4. It's not the problem of fin ding it. because i use it for a long time. but mojang screwed in 1.8 the F3 screen by adding useless information like graphics cards etc. and because that the F3 function is not useable with all the extra text.

    Hmm,. voxelmap is showing way to much. only coodinates realtime is enough. /location have the porblem then you need to type it every time.

    There's not a simpel mod that only display the coordinates ? besides, never installed a mod before
  5. CTRL Shift F3 :)
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  6. ROTFL, that makes it only worse :D:eek: