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Like the Chicken Jockey

Yes 20 vote(s) 66.7%
No 9 vote(s) 30.0%
Chickeneer will be next. 24 vote(s) 80.0%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Yes, the end of the Chickener Era is ending! His race is getting taken over by zombies and used against us. Baby zombies have a chance of riding a Chicken, the Chicken is controlled by the zombie.

    They have the same health as a Baby Zombie, but at least when you are done, you can kill the chicken for free food!

    Will Chickeneer survive this? Are zombies more annoying? Post your thoughts!
  2. Holy Mother of God...
  3. LIKE!

    Chickeneer minions :p Our new super evil overlord shall rule xD
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  4. I chose all poll answers, your mind control doesn't work on me.

    but i love this idea. i remember seeing this on dinnerbones twitter..
  5. (Disclaimer:Chicken Jockeys may or may not be available in 1.7 :p)
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  6. They ARE available in 1.7...
  7. They might not be available in the 1.7.2 that EMC will update to, but they will most likely be in 1.7.3
  8. Well, 1.7.3 confirmed
    I thought it was just Dinnerbone messing around with spawnmob, not actually being put in lol
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  9. ~cries in corner~
  10. This is just plain awesome...
  11. This is going to be great :D
  12. *high five* I look forward to killing the baby zombie chicken jockey apocalypse!
  13. Just knock em off a cliff chicken flys slowly to ground peg with arrows while falling boom dead.
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  14. I am just hoping that the Enraged Chickeneer is a boss mob.
  15. Chickeneer will have his revenge......
    But in the meantime, we'll have to cannibalize his babies by setting fire to the jockeys and eating what's left.
  16. I imagine Chickeneer crawling like a baby w/ a baby zombie that has a iron whip.
  17. I can just imagine them being sewed together....
  18. #ChickenCentipede
    Oh, God...... D:
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