Minecraft 1.2 Release!

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by ThereRnoBirds, Mar 2, 2012.

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  1. Hey guys! Minecraft 1.2 was released earlier today, March 1st. Share your comments below on this interesting new update!
  2. I like kitties.
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  3. Ooh, kitties!
  4. I like Hard mod when zombies kill NPC villagers and break down doors :D that village better have 15 or more villagers for a golem.
  5. Yes, Notch Jeb has made zombies way more intelligent. My friend made a labyrinth of random materials in survival, and when he went to the center of the maze, a zombie ambushed and killed him. They will knock on your doors and eventually break them down. When you hear a knocking sound, don't grab your money thinking it's girl scouts. Grab your sword.

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  6. Was it not Jon Kågström who done the new A.I.?

    Zombies will only bash on doors in the wild, not break them down as the servers are set to easy difficulty. Dystopia server, when launched, will be set at hard and there zombies will bash down doors.
  7. With certain difficulties on, zombies will eventually break down a wooden door. It has to "bash" it for a specific amount of uninterrupted time. I'm not 100 percent sure; my source is minecraft.wikia.com or whatever. You might be right. Also, I found 3 dungeons on my brand new survival in my cave house. A creeper creeped up on me, and I turned around just in time to turn my settings to peaceful. Creepers are slightly faster in 1.2. Be careful.
  8. Oh and btw for the people who said ooh kitteh or ooh kitties or i love kitties, I made this icon using pixieengine.com. I took the original nyan cat but instead of giving it the classic poptart and gray face, i gave it the minecraft "grass block" logo, and the face of a creeper. Nyan nyan nyansssssssssssssssssssssss....

  9. How the villages work now are awesome. The villagers now have a point now. They hide into their houses from the zombies and the iron golems defend the village. Its not just pointless mobs walking around a pointless structure.
  10. Hey man you got something against Notch.He invented the game.I'm offended on how you put Notch Jeb
  11. While Notch has invented the game, Jeb is the one who made zombie's ai smarter.
  12. Well I know that but Jeb is working on the xbox version of Minecraft.
  13. And all the monster's AI was made better.
  14. The Xbox 360 version is being made outside of Mojang AB. It's being made by Scottish firm 4J Studios. I doubt that Jeb does anything with the Xbox 360 version other than give advice.
  15. Hey yall this is about 1.2, but anyways, Minecraft Xbox 360 is not exactly like minecraft for pc. Its very different. Kinda like PE
  16. PE? And it may be true that the Xbox 360 version will be different than the PC version.But Mojang AB is working on some smaller things for the Xbox version of Minecraft.
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