Minecraft 1.10 Will Not Run

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Does your Minecraft 1.10 work?

Yes 12 vote(s) 85.7%
No 2 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. So, I believe my pc has been infected with a virus and it's probably the reason why my pc is acting weird. But I'm not sure it's causing my Minecraft to not be able to run 1.10. Well, more specificly, join any world's or servers in 1.10. I can launch Minecraft 1.10, change settings, add and delete servers, all that stuff but I cannot join any SP world's or servers. If I attempt to, my Mibecraft does not respond and crashes. Nor does optifine work. ( it works in modpack)
    This isn't an Empire Minecraft or Minecraft issue but my pc cannot do anything Internet related except joining Minecraft servers and downloading mods and modpack from the Minecraft Technic launcher. It's really weird and I would love feedback.
  2. This also happens to me :/
  3. Then you might want to start by getting rid of that first. Because otherwise anything you 'fix' might just become broken again 'just like that'.

    What happen if you try to start a new world, does that work?

    I could imagine a virus trying to block access to your files & directories, that's why MC would have issues opening your save files because it can't write to them. Same could apply to servers: maybe an overactive firewall gets in the way there.

    Still: you should definitely start by trying to get rid of the virusses.
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  4. I had same issue 3 weeks ago. I had to reset the mincraft folder to admin again. Had a power surge here and messed it all up. If it has admin, just give it admin again and then run the install and click the fix button. Worked first tiem.

    hope this helps,
  5. Thanks guys for your suggestions. I found a really easy to do tip and my 1.10 minecraft can run perfectly. I appreciate all of your guy's suggestions.
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  6. For the benefit of others who may have a similar problem, how did you fix it? Also, did you get rid of the virus?
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