MineCon Cape!

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    Hey people of EMC! I just wanted to show you guys the MineCon 2013 Cape! Not all of you have seen it so I figured I'd show you mine. I love the piston but I'm not a fan of the green. It's a little too dark, but it's my first cape and I still love it.
  2. Can you get me one?
  3. ill pay him 100k :p
  4. I don't have money, but I'm hoping he will do it out of the good of his heart :)
  5. Capes are so Cool

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  6. Doesn't work like that. You get 1 cape for every ticket you buy. I bought 1 ticket.
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  7. Let's get all the minecon capes together.

    What's your cape, Chickeneer?
  8. OptiFine Cape
  9. Guess I'll never have a cape because there's no way I'm ever going to be able to go to minecon :(
  10. That's the spirit!
  11. don't give up hope, there still is other MINECONs :)
  12. Because I can totally afford air fare and $150 tickets
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  13. Fixed it for you.
  14. I never said anytime soon. :)
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  15. how do you get capes?
  16. MineCon