MineCon 2013 Video

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by VITIRI, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. Hello people of EMC. While I was at MineCon I was recording with my video camera nearly the whole time I was there. I have put all of the clips together in a "montage" like video on my YouTube channel. The video is just over one hour long so you may not have time to watch it all in one sitting. It took me nearly 2 hours to edit so I hope you guys enjoy. (I only have Day 1 of MineCon edited and Uploaded at the moment, day 2 will be posted tomorrow) Thanks!

    Link to the video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn-hULg8LTc
  2. Hmm for some reason I can't watch it. It's giving me a "blocked due copyright"
  3. What? That's really weird. I'm getting views and comments on it. So it can't be blocked for everyone.
  4. Hmm weird let me try again on different device.
  5. :/
    "not available on mobile devices"