Mine turtle Weekly event

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  1. Hey Everyone!
    So about 10 minutes ago, We just blew up a Mine turtle.

    If you don't know what that is, look at this. [CLICK]

    So Every sunday, at 4:30 EMC time, You might just be blowing up a mine turtle!
    You just have to enter.

    How To Enter:

    How to enter you ask? Just PM Me your form:

    Title: [your username] [date]

    Number from 1 - 100

    30 minutes after the event (5:00 PM EMC Time) A new Mine Turtle week will start.
    You will have all one mine turtle week to enter. Entering closes again on 4:30 EMC time the next sunday (sorry if this is a little confusing)

    Make Sure to enter!
  2. you shouldn't just send the link in the chat without any info - it could be a bit suspicious or misleading :)
  3. make sure to donate rupees to build the mine turtles!
  4. I wanna blue something up :p
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  5. lets not get off topic everyone.
  6. just use some blue dye
  7. I'm very confused as to what all this is.
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  8. You blow up a turtle. Doesn't everyone like to blow things up? :D
  9. Idk, but I know how to blue up things...