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  1. Hello Empire! Lately I have been seeing in a situation with my tools. I just recently lost 'Pure British Potato' my super pick and have been running low on diamonds and enchantments to make a new one. After watching some of Docm77's videos on villager trading it inspired me to make a villager lab of my own, for the Empire! This will be free to use for the whole community.

    This will be made on SMP1, 713.

    Why Make this?

    Think of the deals. I am currently working on a diamond pickaxe villager which will be useful for new members to start of with some diamond tools! Is 11 Emeralds for 1 Diamond Pickaxe good? Yes.

    Will this ruin other shops? No. Why? It still costs. I am not simply giving out free stuff you would have to work for a certain item and trade it for emeralds or you could buy emeralds from another store, come here and get yourself a new diamond sword.

    Materials needed:

    Blue Stained Clay sell signs will be setup at 713. STILL BUYING
    Oak Wood sell signs will be setup at 713. STILL BUYING
    Glass sell signs will be setup at 713. STILL BUYING

    R.I.P. Pure British Potato

    Please leave some feedback on this or any ideas. It would help me out alot. Cheers!
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  2. Once the sessions are back online I will sell you glass.
  3. Bump! Construction has started!
  4. I'm curious now, can you link to the video you got inspired from?