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  1. We just reached 35,000 members today! Woot woot!
  2. YAY!!!!!!!!

    1k rupees to the first person to say EMC ROCKS
  3. missed it by *this* much:

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  4. Bloody good show, sirs. :)
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  5. jolly good ol' chap you might say
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  6. top o' the mornin' to y - wait, why am I talking like this?

    Woo! still growing! at this rate we'll reach 1 million members in... *calculates* a year and a half.
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  8. This is amazing. We also reached 100,000 messages.
  9. we are talking like this cause we are civilized:D
  10. Completely off topic, but I get myself temp-banned so I can study for finals and what do I do? I spend all night on the forums. That's dedication.

    EDIT: just found this. It is me:

  11. Well... I shall do some info gathering, and we can make an equation modeling (days since EMC was founded, #of total members). I can't wait, I need SOMETHING to do on a long weekend.
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  12. And it 's a special occasion

    we're growing soon we will have world domination Muahahahahahahahahahahaha!
  13. A celebration is in order! I'll go get my kazoo :D
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  14. I'll get my eigenharp. (google it)
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  15. And I, my nose flute ;) (yes I actually have one)
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