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  1. Hello Emperians!

    I present you my (somewhat) secret project that I've been working on over the past few week, bit by bit. It will be a huge mansion once its done, with this skull in front of it! You can rent one of the small skulls that are at the gate, as they are small condo's :D

    As for the pictures:
    javaw 2012-06-09 22-05-28-68.jpg javaw 2012-06-09 22-14-47-74.jpg javaw 2012-06-09 22-17-41-60.jpg javaw 2012-06-09 22-20-07-69.jpg javaw 2012-06-09 22-20-25-82.jpg javaw 2012-06-09 22-41-03-57.jpg
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  2. And its residence: 6837 SMP 3
  3. how much for 1 of the condo's?
  4. I still need to figure out a price once the skull and the mansion are done :) And go and have a look first, they might be smaller then you think
  5. another nice project once again :)
  6. Nice always building something epic eclipsys
  7. I wish I could build stuff like that. :(
  8. i did it is smaller than the outside look . but i like it anyway ;)
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  9. what texture pack btw
  10. I give you, the upgraded version, Black Skull: Top Hat!
    javaw 2012-06-10 17-45-54-68.jpg javaw 2012-06-10 17-46-51-56.jpg javaw 2012-06-10 17-48-45-25.jpg
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  11. this guy.
    is an alright builder