Middle man/woman opportunity business

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  1. Hello I'm looking to build a shop who's main purpose is to provide mainly enchanted books and if it continues good than add other items. I'm in server 8. I want to be able to provide to other servers. This is where you come in. I want to find people in each server who would like to do the same. I will sell you the enchanted books at a low price and than you sell them in your server. You wouldn't have to do the work. The reason I'm doing this is to get a steady sell of the items I produce than you can turn around and sell them at whatever price you want. I would like to find serious people and do a once a week refill in the books. This is all an idea I have and if I get people interested than we can work something out. Thank you.
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  2. I have a Mini-Mall on SMP3 with an empty floor, if you want to expand into SMP3 let me know.
  3. I could provide you with the enchanment books if you would like and you can sell them there
  4. I'm ready to buy the blocks when you're ready.