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  1. Hello, we have an outpost on smp5 that is Middle Earth themed. We are looking for mature, experienced members that share an enthusiasm for Tolkien and would be willing to devote substantial energy to create builds here and become part of the community. This is not a new outpost and has a significant amount to offer. If you have these qualities and are enthusiastic please message me.
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  2. Still looking for die-hard Tolkien fans! Our outpost is full of mature, exremely talented builders. We have been established for awhile now and it is entirely possible to live there without ever needing to go to town - we do however have a fancy network of nether rails and horse-friendly underground paths, and soon an underground canal all the way up to town spawn. We are very particular about recruitment, our outpost is not 'open to all' and we have a multi-step screening process so please only apply if you are serious. Hope I didn'st scare you all away, but all of our builds have to easily fit into our Lord of the Rings theme!
  3. Mature *smh*
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  4. You are very mature :D
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  5. Oooh. I'll write a "brief" description about this too.

    Middle Earth is a die-for outpost if you're a Tolkien fan. We consist of many unique builds that all relate to Tolkien. Our builders are the finest, from the corners of SMP5 and SMP8, but one doesn't have to be from SMP5 or SMP8 to join! Anybody can join... as long as you are a big enough fan of LOTR.

    Middle Earth may seem like a very set-back outpost, very old fashioned outpost. But that is wrong. Not only do we have our own website, but we even have a forum set up by your's truly. We would like to claim that we are one of the most technologically advanced outposts on Empire Minecraft.

    This outpost is a very simple outpost. We have a set of rules and a ruler (or rulers) that create these rules. Our outpost is very organized yet very large. We have a working 16 village iron golem farm, a super-efficient gold farm, a very efficient guardian farm, and much more to mention.

    Middle Earth isn't just all about work and builds. We always share many laughs, no matter when. Consisting of 22 members, you can always see a Middle Earth member online at some point. PetuniaFigTree, the owner and Queen of the Middle Earth Outpost, and God_of_Gods, the King of the Middle Earth outpost, are two kind and friendly members of the EMC community. You may approach them and speak to them if you have any inquiries or questions that you want to be answered.

    Middle Earth has many intricate rail forms that connect to all over the wilderness frontier, including an underwater railway track that leads directly to the corner of the wilderness outpost claim. This means that all members have easy access to the outpost, though many choose an alternative route that I shall not mention.

    However, there is one downside. If you wish to apply for the Middle Earth outpost, it is a multi-step process that may take up to a month. People that join our outpost are people that are most serious about joining. If you wish to join, either approach PetuniaFigTree/God_of_Gods in game, or shoot them a pm.

    We hope that some that are looking for fun and something to suck up your time could join us soon!
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