MHF_Sheep Head?

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  1. Does anyone know if an MHF_Sheep head is worth anything in terms of money or even to a museum, is it even rare? Anyone info about such heads will be appreciated.

  2. It is the same as a sheep head. The name must not be showing up properly with your version or the update must have broke it a bit.
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  3. Ah, I'm using 1.7.10 atm. I'll switch to 1.8 and see if it changes :)
  4. Also try changing down to 1.7.9. As I said up there ^, it may be broken with the update.
    Also try placing and picking back up again.
  5. Tried it on 1.7.10, 1.7.9 and 1.8 now and still the head is MHF_Sheep, I've also tried placing and breaking.
    There be some magic here.
  6. Looks like a possible bug on the renamed item then. Remember that the sheep heads are just renamed versions of the MHF_Sheep head, so it's not a new item. It's just not showing the formatting correctly. This might be fixed at any time, so don't treat the item as more valuable due to the MHF name.
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  7. I used to get mhf named heads randomly around my plot. I asked aikar once before it was a known bug. The person that had the plot before me had heads placed and when I claimed res they never "disappeared". Even though I couldn't see them they were still there. So when I broke a block that I had placed where the head had been I got a head in my inventory. (At least I think this is how it worked).
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  8. That's really weird dude, it's like they're kinda ghost blocks or something.
  9. Kind of yes. I have a few heads called mhf, spider and creeper I think. I just stored then away they aren't special just left over from before an update a while back.
  10. That must've been creepy :p
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  11. It was so strange lol. I couldn't figure out where the head came from baha.
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