MHF and stacking, what's up with the heads

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  1. The title says it.

    I was redecorating my slime farm and now I have 100+ MHF-slime heads in 3, non-interchangeable partial stacks and 1 regular slime head that doesn't stack with any of my other partial stacks of slime heads that don't stack with other slime heads. And that's just the slimes, I have 100 zombie pigman heads up at the gold farm and I'm betting those will all be MHF. and semi stackable to some degree.

    What's the MHF indicate? I have noticed that the MHF heads were placed when the server updated to 1.8.
    What's with the non-stacking stackable heads?
  2. MHF means Minecraft Head Format. That was a special head format added by one person on the Mojang team so that people could get other mob heads without having to create new items through mods. Since zombie heads were already a Minecraft item, they aren't MHF_Zombie heads.
    Sometimes, MHF or other player heads that get placed or dropped at different times get glitched ID's and don't stack properly.
    EDIT: Didn't notice you said zombie pigman. Yes, those are also MHF.
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  3. If heads of the same type don't stack then there can be a simple solution: place all of 'm in your /vault, close it and and then take them out again. I run into this issue on a regular basis myself as well, usually from hunting mobs in the Wastelands, and so far this approach has always fixed it for me.
  4. This used to work for me all the time, but there are some now that it won't fix. I usually just toss them as those heads can't even be sold to shops.
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  5. Ya this doesn't work for me either. It seems they stack if you get them within the same period of time. Like a cow killing romp. I got 5 heads, all stacked but when I got back to town they didn't stack with the others.
  6. its on my list to fix soon. I figured out the problem just got to implement fix now.
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  7. And have you also tried to place those others together with your new ones into your /vault? Because if that doesn't work then it seems more like a bug to me than a time related issue. I've managed to get heads stacked like this after they had been siting in my chest for weeks. Still, there seems to be a lot of development going on at the moment, so things could have changed of course.
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  8. That no longer works after the 1.8.7 update. The texture ID gets saved into heads now, which includes a timestamp of when it was loaded which is whats breaking stacking. I have to make this timestamp static.