Metroid 60x60 pixel art @ 12039 smp6

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  1. Just finished this on my res... you can mainly only see it from the live map or rei's minimap... what do you guys think? 2012-05-13_08.19.32.png
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  2. Wow! Great job!
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  3. yeah, i might do som more vertically on the sides of my res too... not sure yet.
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  4. This is awesome!
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  5. Better late than never, but I forgot to post this when I did it awhile ago! 2012-09-02_00.10.09.png
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  6. Awesome! ^^
  7. Is the spawn point still set to the top of Samus's head?
  8. yeah, i kinda of had to pit it there otherwise when ppl visit my shop they would never turn around and see it!!
  9. Awesome
    I built a dirt house today
  10. Awesome! You're great at pixel art!
  11. Nice job! :D
  12. Thanks for the support guys! Its nice to know people appreciate something you spent hours building. I posted the pictures so more ppl could see instead of just a handfull on smp6 ppl who shop at my res.
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  13. No offence, but more would see it f you didn't ban half the server from your res.
  14. no offense, but please dont flame my post. Just keep your comments to yourself, its bad enough you try and start problems in townchat, now your finding my posts and trolling them too?

    Move along.
  15. I'm not here to start a fight, so I'll move along, but seriously, no one can see your pixel art when their banned. I'm unwatching this thread, because I don't want to come back here.
  16. So in other news, just in case you can't see this yourself from my res because you've been banned for reselling or maybe just being rude, this just in:

    You can see Samus from the public road that surround's my residence, you can see the metroid from the livemap or reis minimap, or if those dont work for you... well I guess it's a good thing this thread exist so you can see them both RIGHT HERE in the screenshots! :)

    Thanks for tuning in.

    Stay classy EMC!