Messaging disconnected players [Suggestion]

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  1. So, for an uninteresting back story:
    I was walking around an abandoned blaze spawner, created by me and my friend. I don't see him online much, and I was like, "Man, I sure wish I could leave him a message, so that as soon as he logs in, he could have some kind of way to view what I want him to see."

    That's why I came up with this pretty cool (Arguable) idea. Perhaps an in-game chat inbox? You could do a command, like "/inbox", and it would show you the messages you've received. You could also perhaps set a limit to how many messages you can get, so you don't get spammed when you get back. This in turn would tell the sender: "Message not sent; player inbox full"
    Yes, I know that this can be done on the EMC website; however, not as many players use the site compared to those who play the game.

    I believe that an inbox system would improve the community's communications to each other, because there wouldn't be the overarching pain of having to chase down the player.

    Write down your ideas in the comments gaise.

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  3. Ah damn. I checked the "Already suggested" page. Well thanks guys.