Merry Christmas from the Spuds!

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  1. Merry Christmas EMC! (Well, it's Christmas Eve today for me, but might as well post this today!)
    Doing something much like Faithcaster, I'm giving away free gifts! I'm giving a SC of stuff, for each person (Not random, I do have a base for what I'm giving). However, sadly I'm not as well-funded as Faithcaster, so I'm only able to give 20 of these gifts away. If this goes well, perhaps I'll raise the count. Anyways, just post in this thread or PM me, (preferably post) and then set up an access chest on your res! Also, in the post, please note what smp and res # you want me to drop the gift off. :)
    Merry Christmas from the Spuds!

    EDIT : Also, for the access chest, please put Choongjae AND PandasEatPotato on there. Just in case if my main (Choongjae) is in the wild on that server.
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  2. Hey! I'd like a free gift! I'm on SMP4 (/v lbp2roks)!
  3. I'd take anything, thank you and Merry Christmas Potato. :p

    I have set up a chest on SMP2 residence 4285. :)
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  4. I would take one. I unfortunately can't log in and put a chest up. If it isn't too much trouble if you could set up a chest on one of your reses that would be appreciated.
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  5. Merry Christmas!
    I can't setup a chest now, but I'll make it in 12 hours.
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  6. merry christmas I cant set a chest up yet but in a few hours
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  7. Merry Christmas. :)
    Gotcha covered. Merry Christmas. :)
    Got everything prepared for ya, post when you set the chest up, and I shall deliver the gift. :)
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  8. Merry Christmas Choongjae! Can you please set one up for me if u can that would be awesome thanks so much!

    Have a wonderful Christmas :)
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  9. Merry Christmas!! And i'd like a gift I can set up a chest soon on smp5 ( /v Elysphic)
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  10. Got everything prepared. Post when you have the chest ready. :)
    Got one set up and ready for you at my res. Merry Christmas! (smp6, /v Choongjae, or 12936)
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  11. Hey. Meet kristmas to you. Drop it in a hopper at 16003
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  12. I would Quite Like A Gift I Cant Make An Access Chest Under The Tree
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  13. Lol Smp8 /v ruari342 2
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  14. Got everything ready for your present, awaiting chest. :)

    I dropped it in de hopper, but I dropped it in for the gift to you, not for the purposes of the mumble party house. Merry Christmas! :)
  15. Potato bump! 11 gifts remain!

    Awaiting pickup. ^_^
    Awaiting chest for dropoff. ^_^
  16. Done :)
    EDIT: oops, smp1 858
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  17. hey choon could u just set up a chest for me one of ur reses?
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  18. Chest has been set up. ^_^
    11 gifts are still remaining!
  19. Gift p10x3n :D
    res 1233, smp1.
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  20. Merry Christmas Pandas!
    I would like a gift at 18238 smp9 :D
    left a gift inside for you too :)
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