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  1. I know I am a EMC Veteran but I had never made me an introduction. And Since I completed my 1101st Day on EMC today, and It's my 18 Year Old Birthday, I thought it was about time...

    My name is Benjamin, but my friends call me Ben. I live in Brazil, in a small town called Serra Negra. I used to live in São Paulo, one of the major cities in Brazil. But due to some family issues I had to go back to my home town.

    I have been loving EMC since the day I joined. Everyone is friendly the Staff is absolutely awesome and they helped me so much thruout these years. (special thanks Aphaea :3).

    Anywhozzies... I am a professional/casual gamer and I love RPG, Action, Strategy, and Indie Games.
    Games like Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Battlefield, Arma, Sid Meier's Civilization, Borderlands, PAYDAY 2, Total War, Kerbal Space Program, Grand Theft Auto, Poker Night, Super Motherload, Starbound...

    All of these are games I like. Although Fallout Series is my favorite game series (my friends call me the human wiki for fallout XD).

    Apart from playing games I love Baking and Cooking. My speciallity is mainly Biscuits, Cakes, and Sweets but sometimes I do some dinner.

    I also like watching cartoons like Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show, Family Guy, Bee and Puppycat, Bravest Warriors... You mean it...
    I like animes too, like One Piece, Cowboy Bebop, Hunter X Hunter, Yu Yu Hakusho, Dragon Ball... I am currently trying to watch more animes but I don't have free time to do so.

    For my whole life I had family problems and I have always been bullied by others in School.
    Although, that never really made me be different from who I really was.

    Seens like no matter where I go folks never leave each other alone, and that is what makes me sad sometimes. I believe that if the human kind becomes more ethic and understands other cultures, we can achieve peace and prosperity.

    I have no religion and I don't have one because of my personal life philosophy. My philosofy says that I can't believe in anything that I don't know or haven't learned about. If someone is interested in teaching me about a religion be welcome to do it.

    I also have created my own theories about loving and be loved. I believe that when you say you love someone, it means you fully trust that person with your heart and soul forever, even if you and the person you love are not together. Thats why I try to know better everyone I meet.

    Well, thats it I guess... I'm sorry for the extensive text.
    I must be really bored to write down all of this... XD

    I wanted to thank all of EMC for all the good time and fun I had. All the community have been good to me and I wish that all of you have a wonderful day, and that you ALWAYS fight for what makes you happy! No matter what people say, always be happy, no matter how hard it is, no matter if all the odds are against you. Be happy and fight for what you believe in.

    Thank You All!
  2. Hi Ben, Happy Birthday and congrats on your 1101 days on EMC. :D
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  3. Thank You! I really appreciate it!
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  4. Hi Merc,

    Man, you veterans make it waay to hard on us other players. I mean; I obviously can't welcome you to the Empire, you being a veteran and all that (just looked it up; 1101 days, impressive!). But you've also been pretty busy on the forums I noticed, so my other attempt (welcoming players to the forum) also wouldn't work... :D

    But nice meeting you!

    And yeah, can agree with Fallout. I got into that when I picked up Fallout III and also tried New Vegas; I really enjoyed the experience. Although I also heavily enjoyed Skyrim I think Fallout had one major pro in comparison: you could fail missions. There are some missions in Skyrim which I really don't like doing. At all. But usually you can't go up to the person who gave you the mission and tell 'm to take a hike. Or kill 'm after which the mission would be impossible to complete. Usually those characters are protected.

    But you can do so in Fallout, which I think is really awesome. Of course that has its quirks also (like Three Dog praising my actions on the radio, only to end calling me a lowlife (self-censored) because my reputation was plain out evil).

    So yah, nice meeting you and hope I'll run into you sometime in the game :)
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  5. M8, I r8 this 8/8.

    For real though, happy 18th and 1101th day on EMC, from a friend and coworker :)
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  6. @Sheluser
    Thanks! I also hope we run into each other!
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  7. Thanks Caden! You have been and always will be a good friend and ally. I really appreciate it!
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  8. The potato curtain alliance shall take over!
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  9. Agreed Comrade! We will conquer all with the power of liquid potato! All hail the Potato Curtain!
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