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  1. Who Likes Cats?
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  2. Taken care of :)
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  3. I like Cats!
  4. I like dogs better then cats, but I guess they're ok :p
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  5. meow my avatar meow is meow a cat so meow i of course meow like cats meow.
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  6. Thx
  7. Is this a trick question?
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  8. Nurp
  9. Sometimes I love my cat, sometimes I want to chuck her out a window, all depends on how cooperative she is being.
  10. I love cats too! They taste great!
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  11. With some Tabasco sauce they are perfect :D. J/K i love cats, alot, also my name means cats so yeah, how you can't like those things :D.
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  12. :'(

  13. One of my cats <3
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  14. I love Cats! but I have a dog, and I love my doggie! :3
  15. ma gah
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  16. Dat ones mine :p
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  17. I love that "I swear, if you poke me ONE more time..." look on his face. :p Ah, cats. Gotta love 'em! :D

  18. Chu lookin at?
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  19. How did "What are you" transform to "Chu" over time..
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  20. It just did