Mending books where?

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  1. So somebody already has a DC of mending books...

    Anybody else selling mending books? I need like 11.
  2. I know of a few villagers selling them.
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  3. I'm already trying to get villagers that sell mending books, believe me.

    Just asking so I don't have to gamble with villager luck.
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  4. I suppose I can be more helpful. :p
    Not sure if any are still in stock or if you have checked there already. But I got a villager on my first try of placing down about 20 librarians, so I suggest you keep trying!
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  5. Thank you good sir!
  6. i think ulti sells them at 100r, not sure if he ever stocked them, thou, just ask if not
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  7. They are sold on 12221 and 12220 for 700r each -
    go to /v 12221 tools and then to neighbor section on 12220,
    or go to /v 12221 armor and go to the nearest corner.
  8. Hmm, guess I should chip in too ;) 3544 top floor also sells mending books, and I think you can always ask Aya in PM for some kind of deal :p
  9. 10959, very cheap, always well stocked.
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  10. DenZee and mcsaw on smp4