Memorial, need help from community

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ww2fan168, May 5, 2015.

  1. Hey... happy cinco de mayo to everyone. sad thing is my dog just died today from cancer and I want to build her a memorial. so if you guys want, just donate some building material so I can build her a memorial...

    EDIT: Drop donations off at my 4th res on smp7
  2. Sorry for your loss. What kind of materials do you need?
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  3. Any that you feel is needed.
  4. What type of dog? Etc
  5. Weimeramer.
  6. What kind of memorial are you making? I would rather not donate obsidian to find out that you are making it out of glass. :p
  7. anything is good... just building a garden like thing, anything is good
  8. Whats built so far at /v +gigi on smp7...

    2015-05-05_22.07.09.png 2015-05-05_22.07.16.png 2015-05-05_22.07.09.png 2015-05-05_22.07.16.png