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  1. Hi everyone!
    If you go onto the EMC main page and scroll down a little you will see a box that says "Members Online Now" and under it, it will show of the people you are following, who is online.

    Now I just wanted to see how many people you have in that box. This is not a contest and there are no winners or losers, I just think it be cool if we could share.Maybe recognize faces.
    Here is mine
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  2. I'm in there!
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  3. Yay! I'm there :) I actually don't have a "people you follow" section under the "members online now" area - it's not that I'm not interested in other people's posts, but I tend to surf the forums enough to stay up to date without being bombarded with alerts.
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  4. It's Meh!
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  5. There's my piratey face :D
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  6. I see me :)
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  7. I am first :).
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  8. In there! I usally have 1-3, mostly chickeneer and joshposh70.
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  9. I have 8 people I follow on right now.
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  10. I don't follow that many people... So I normally have around 1-4 people I follow who are on ;)
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  11. I see meh!
    I'd post but I follow no one, not sure why... I guess I just don't see the point?
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  12. I do not follow anyone.
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  13. How dare you follow moose and not me...:(
  14. That's looking like My box Almost (- 7 lines or so :p)

    I found myself ;)

    EDIT: Here's my Box I'll have to post another one later cause time of day means not much people on.
  15. I am following you. :)
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  16. Can you do another one
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  17. you are :p
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  18. I was before too! I promise! :p
  19. okay...i'll let it slide this time..only cuz I like you ;)
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