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MELLONZ 7 vote(s) 33.3%
POTATOES 17 vote(s) 81.0%
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  1. Me (Xxandster700xX)(MELON) and oidgod (oidgod)(POTATOE) are locked in a bloody battle weather Melonz or Potatoes are better. If you are a pro then you obvisouly know that Melonz are better than potatoes. However if you are a noob that cant even build a cobblestone gen then you proubobaly think potatoes are better.
    P.S If you like potatoes you ae a noob but if you like melonz you are a pro


    Would you rather eat a melon or a piece of crap??????
  2. id take the crap :) and i know how to make a fully automated cobblestone gen btw. and im not a n00b

    irl potatos are better!
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  3. thanks lukas. :)
  4. yes, a cobble gen isn't a problem. Potatos are cooler, because of them you can make chips :D but melons are yummy, too
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  5. and btw "weather"m is spelled wrong
  6. technically potatoes can't grow above ground like melons can - i don't use either i let my health go down like a real pro and never die ... btw forget cobble, i can make smooth stone gens :D
  8. so do melons!
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  10. First off, the main thread is very rude, and I suggest not using caps for everything. Also that post was quite offensive and may offend some people edit it immediatley.
    Potatoes are better
    I can sadly say to you that I can make a Smooth Stone Generator.
    I can confirm potatoes do not give you HIV.
    Melons not MELONZ
    Also please fix up your grammar and spelling mistakes.
    I do not like people like you nor do I try to interact with them but you crossed the line.
    Eating melons does not make you a "pro"
  11. QUAD.jpg
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  12. I am a certified pro and I say MELONZ >:D
  13. I agree with IamSaj 100%. My question is, what about carrots? In case anyone else was confused carrots and potatoes are going to be added in 1.4.
  14. yeah go potatos and carrots!
  15. YES.gif
  16. Carrots! Me gusta carrots. And you do realize that a cobble gen is simple as lava on water...
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