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  1. Ok,

    I always struggle with finding the megamalls on servers other then my home server smp5. So, thats why im gonna construct myself a list of the shops and megamalls on EMC :)

    Please dont post any small shops that dont sell anything really. Keep it to bigger shops getting put on the list :)

    This is the format I would like you to post your shop if u have one:

    In-Game Name
    Server (i.e. Smp5)
    Res #

    If you have an enchant shop, feel free to post them too! :)
  2. Bitemenow15 & m4nic_m1ner, smp6
  3. Smp2: 4005, 3026, 3456, 3010 or 3040 (ILostMyShorts), 3004 when it opens back up and 4266
  4. Thanks for the replies so far ;) still need more!
  5. In-Game Name: drogba921
    Server: SMP7
    Res #: 14201, 14202, 14263, 14264
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  6. Well I have a potion stand just potions
  7. I don't often use potions :) so this doesn't apply
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  8. Bumpz!
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  9. For shops on SMP1, visit 1010.
  10. Everything bite sells in 1 block at a time...
  11. Well at 19200 a medium sized store is under construction ;)
  12. 19000, 18313 on smp9
  13. What are the three main ones on smp7?
  14. Sweetie_Pea
    Server: smp1
    Res: 1962
    (It's also in my sig) ;)
  15. 14859
    14141 (temp closed, will re-open at 14444)
    15164 (or something like that)
  16. 8122 Jungle Shop on smp4 is a medium size shop with good stock on various items and a few good diamond enchants.
    There is a TP straight back for the WooL shop (you can even buy bulk wool, single chest at a time, all 16 colors).
    Also come see the largest Jungle Tree in EMC and Minecraft. :)
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  17. 4005 on SMP2 (already mentioned)
    and 405 on SMP1
  18. 9500 XD mall on smp4
  19. 413 on smp1