MEGA Tunnel - smp4

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  1. So as promised, my next project is the eagerly-awaited MEGA Tunnel. Having found the bridge project a little too easy / quick, I decided to up the size involved. Starting from 4km (ish) East of spawn, I giant tunnel under the ocean all the way to East checkpoint! - Approx. 5.5km. With fully working dual-trainline.

  2. cool is this protected in the wild because people might grief it
  3. No, it just relies on people's sense of decency and honour! Plus its a very low traffic area
  4. Looks like a cool project, though I question some people decency and honor, but I still think it is worth while.
  5. You have a cool goal there!
  6. I'm glad this is on my Smp. When do we start? Donations?
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  7. That's incredible. I salute you (and secretly wish I was playing on your server).
  8. I would like to join to the work process if possible - i have lots of Stone bricks to be done :3
  9. Can I just a big thanks to whoever thought it would be a good idea to rip up almost 700m worth of rails (powered and unpowered) !! /sarcasm
  10. I didn't know you had started. I'd like to help. Rails will be too tempting for greifers.
  11. Yes rails would be. What are the cords?
  12. WOW. A METRO!!
    CAN'T WAIT UNTIL 2033 >_<
  13. LOL, you're not too far wrong. I may have finally bitten off more than I can chew; at least it'll keep me out of trouble.

    Just follow the long road East from spawn.
  14. Just a tip, with something this size and with everyone on the site knowing where it is, it is only a matter or time until it gets griefed... GokouZWar tried something similar to this and didn't post the area it was in and it STILL got griefed... rails and powered rails are a huge target, add in the red wool and stone bricks and you now have every griefer on all the servers knowing where to get what they consider free stuff... Basically the lesson is: If you build in the wild, either make it small, or hide it, or it WILL get griefed.
  15. I say he just makes it out of cobble.
  16. Even making it out of cobble will invite griefers, they seem to enjoy destroying other peoples hard work regardless of what it's made from...
  17. True but I don't think it would be griefed as much.
  18. An Example is the Octahedron of Oblivion. made entirely of cobble and it kept geting griefed because it was large and obvious.