Mega Sell Thread (giant bundles of stuff) and Enchants

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  1. I am selling many things in stacks and bundles.

    For Sale:
    Whats left isn't crossed out.
    A small chest filled with enderpearls: 4000r or best offer
    8 stacks of coal: 900r
    1 stack of mossy cobble: 500r
    2 1/2 stacks of pumpkin seeds: 150r
    4 1/2 stacks of redstone: 300r
    10 stacks of chicken eggs: 100r
    3 stacks of wheat seeds: 150r
    Unused Unbreaking III Diamond Pickaxe: 600r or best offer
    Unused efficiency II Diamond Pickaxe: 600r or best offer

    All of this money is going toward having elclipsys building the community a better Lax Club building
    Info on that:
    You can also donate to me to help me out on those funds too! Its nearly 70k rupees
  2. We can haggle on anything, and I'd you would like to buy things (they are not for sale at my res)
    Just message me
  3. Edited pickaxe prices!
  4. I'll buy the coal for 695r.
  5. I will buy all the unb 3 pick for 300r meet you
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  6. I will buy the unb 3 pick for 400r thats the best offer!
  7. Ill buy the coal for 800r
  8. I'll take the unbreaking pick for 475r :)
  9. The seeds are really expensive though, I will buy the redstone for 150r
  10. 10 stacks of chicken eggs: 100r
    spawn eggs?
  11. I think just eggs
  12. LOLzzzz
  13. But than there is the question, is it 40x 16, or 10x 16? :p
  14. X=16xY
    Y=(Value missing)
    I cant solve it :(
  15. Mo it's about the stacks, does he mean to say 10 FULL stacks, or 10 stacks of 16?
  16. I'll take the eff pick for 35O R
  17. Terminator won the Unbreaking pick
    Kells won the coal
    Lun4rX won the eff pick

    The chicken eggs are in stacks of 16.
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  18. So I'm guessing we just stop by your res to pick it up from a chest?
  19. When I am next on I will set up chests for you
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