The Lax Club REBORN!

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    Offers: A convenient place to get wool, milk, mushroom stew, fish, and more!

    Where?: Currently, it is located on smp4 at residence 8027.

    What is there?: A sheep farm, a fishing hole, a cow and mooshroom farm, (coming soon) a auto farm, (added) a super cheap shop marked down several rupees, and (added) a restaurant!

    Cool! How does it work? After a member has payed, they are given use flags. Everything is based around use flags so there is nothing that you cant do, and better yet it wont be griefed!

    Awesome! So how do I join?: There is a weekly payment per person of 50r (It is high because if it was cheap, there would be many members and it would be WAY over crowded), once you pay you get unlimited access to anything at the club for 1 week, or its 500r for a lifetime membership.

    Pictures: (sorry, some of the pictures were too big to upload to EMC)



    Sheep Farm

    Cow and Mooshroom Farm

    Blank Room for Ideas

    Fishing Hole (theres also bucket flags so you can get water from here)

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  2. I am now on, so whoever wants to get a membership can.
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  3. Alright. Sign me up!
  4. It is awesome, loads of sheep to get wool from that then u can sell in a shop IN the res! a room to make some little creations! cow and mushroom farm! a mini restaurant and a nice pool to get fish from! hope it gets better everyday!
  5. perfect, when can you come over? When you come over we can also do the auction payment. Just make sure your inventory and vault are empty for space
  6. (Says in Ness voice) okay!
  7. Well I was talking to pat
  8. Sign me up.
  9. If you want a membership you have to come to my res!
  10. Okay. I'll pay you a weeklong membership. Thanks.
  11. Now accepting more memberships, come to my res to join.
  12. Okay, if I find a melon farm underneath the sheep farm, should I get out?
  13. That is for members too, I just haven't finished it yet
  14. Josh, I think it's a good idea to sell shears in the sheep farm,
    Plus please add more coloured sheeps
  15. Ok, that will be coming soon then
  16. I would sign up for a lifetime membership
  17. Meet me at the res 8027 smp4
  18. I would love to join but check the sig under the company owner thing
  19. thank you for reminding me about that, i forgot to change it. That was from last month.