Mega Mall Updates!

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Do YOU wanna visit HelloKittyRo's Mega Mall?

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to Update you on my Mega Mall! First, I'd like to say every day now (Or every week.) I will update you on what is happening at my Mega Mall. Anyways, so far the Mega Mall is almost done. I have 2 more sections left and then I have to do the stocking. It's a lot of work, trust me. I would like to thank MegHouse for the idea, because she has a Mega Mall too, I visited it, and then, It gave me the Idea to build my own! It's not as good as hers, but hey, I'm trying my best! Anyways, I'm almost done is what I'm trying to make a point about. If you would like to visit now, and see how things are going, do /v HelloKittyRo 3 on SMP2. It's not done, yet, thou. Also, I wanna update you on when the Grand Opening is going to happen. It may happen this month, June. That's when I suspect it's gonna happen. If it doesn't happen this month, (June), then it will happen text month. (July.) Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my Thread. I'll post more later, bye!
  2. Can you please just use one thread and post updates in there? This is your fifth thread about your mall.

    The second post in your first mall thread even asked you to just keep it to one thread, so...yeah, try to do that.
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  3. Ok, sure thing, except, some of the Threads are double crossed, so be aware of that, in the future.
  4. Then don't double cross threads - they're supposed to be about one topic each. :)
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  5. Ok, that's my way thow.
  6. My way might be throwing hamsters at Aikar - doesn't mean I should do it. :)
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  7. LOL!