[EVENT] HelloKittyRo's Party, and Mega Mall. (Double Crossed Thread!)

Discussion in 'Public Member Events' started by wonderwoman_16, May 31, 2015.

  1. Hi guys! Today, I wanted to tell you something! I'm having a party for my Birthday on June 16 because I won't be here! So, it is on SMP6 at the PVP Area. We're going to PVP for my party. It is at 5:30 and ends at 6:00. It is here, on Empire-Minecraft! In the last 5 minutes, we're all going to sing happy birthday and eat some cake that I made! If you want, you can stay till 6:05 because at 6:00-6:05, where gonna PVP for 5 more minutes if you wanna stay. Anyways, I hope you come! See ya!
    [EVENT] Hosted by HelloKittyRo (Diamond-Supporter).
    SMP6 PVP Area is the location.
    Hope you all come!

    HelloKittyRo's Mega Mall is almost finished. On July 2nd, The Grand Opening will be hosted. Donate to HelloKittyRo's Mega Mall to be on her Donation Wall!