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  1. this is a why not thread so i don't care what you do but a like or a comment would be appreciated

    favorite mob: mooshroom
    reason: almost infinite mushroom stew
    least favorite mob: skeleton
    reason: only thing that can hurt me from within the lower range of my bow
    favorite weapon: bow
    preferred range: 10-50 blocks
    absolute range: 5-150
    favorite enchantments: Bow: pw 5 inf 1 unb 3 fl 2 Stick: fire aspect 2 knockback 2
    black death: fall damage read this
    hobbies: hunting and redstone
  2. porph realy can i have seen him shoot when we were sharing a computer
  3. I love the bow, too. I prefer it over a sword, anyways. I need to make a god bow, though. I still don't have one.
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  4. i lost my bow
  5. lol
  6. my bow is unb 3 fl 2 pw 5 inf 1 too bad it is getting close to broken