Meet my new pal

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  1. this is Charlie, my new buddy :)
  2. What type of dog? He look cool and excited!
  3. asdjiakdsfblkajbdflkajhsbfas doggy
  4. your profile pic just justifies that statement :D
  5. It's a lab, maybe mixed with some other stuff. Not really sure. He's one years old though :)
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  6. nice car (unless you stole it)
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  7. That is what I was thinking too! Whenever I see a nice BMW I think "Dang, that is one sweet car. But if it is stolen, it is not nice anymore, because that is the main factor in it being nice."
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  8. lol it's a Nissan and definitely not stolen :)

    completely paid off though yay
  9. Just hope your dog isn't like mine. He barfs when we drive him in the car.
    THE CULPRIT: Gus taking a closer look.JPG
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  10. he's already been in the car a ton and he's good there

    my trick now i have to figure out is how to get the two cats to get along with him
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  11. my cat is entirely obsessed with my dog... they sleep cuddled up on their blanket every night, they play wrestle.. when no one will return the love the cat wants, he'll go up to the dog and just rub his entire body on him like "if they wont give me love, i'll give you love!" :) some cats love dogs.
  12. yeah i'm giving it a week or so, doing controlled intros with each other. we'll see how it goes.
  13. and even if they don't like each other, it wont matter, the cats may hiss or throw a fit. my other cat doesn't like the dog.. but they do just fine. :)