Meesa needa dragon egg!!!

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  1. Please pm me if you have a dragon egg, I would like to buy one (preferably cheap ;))!
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  2. i would also like to buy one
  3. Lol you aint gonna get one for cheap, leos sold for over 3 mil I believe XD
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  5. there are going to be 200 or so dragon eggs in emc soon
    so i recon some could go for 100k
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  6. Go to Walmart and buy you one.
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  7. I would absolutely buy one for 100k
  8. Oh no... there are going to be about 100 threads like this after the update is released, because people want one of the 20 the current owners are getting.
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  9. Right now, those go for about...2 million?
  10. Ugh, I know.
  11. Happens a lot with me.
  12. It's fixable....

  13. I know.
  14. Well 2 mil / 20 is 100k and I have over that much
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  15. Lol thats not how it works.
  16. There's 5 dragon eggs? If each players gets 20.. there will be 200 dragon eggs and the following updates.
  17. 20x5 = 200?
    And 1Egg is missing/quitted so there is 4left. :)
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