Medieval Village Opening!

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  1. Are you a Medieval time fan like me? Well I got news for you, I am opening the Medieval Village that I created for the people of EMC. If you have helped me or donated to me I would like you to come and stand on the wall with me! We will be starting on 8-29-14. So put on your best Medieval skin on and come celebrate with the town folk!
  2. Any pics of the village available?
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  3. sorry there are pics available but come check it out next Friday or u can see what I have right now
  4. I love to see projects brought up like this especially with the New EMC Members.:) Will for sure support the cause!
  5. the opening will start at 3:00 pm EMC time
  6. well im not really a new member I just have made the account then
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  7. Thank you TechFilmer for donating 2.5k to get the building project done on time with the 2.5k I have used it for more wood and hopefully some workers. I can never thank you enough and also people interested in this should thank him too!
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  8. Anyone who has helped me come to my res at 2:45pm EMC time I want to bring you all in the gate and thank you all personally. If you are here for the opening of the Village go to bluevault13-3's res then go to your right and wait at the gate. Im gona say a few words then allow you the tp flag to get into the res. Thanks to all that show up!
    1. Seconding the request for pics. I don't get on MC much these days but it'd still be nice to see what you've created.
    2. "Come to my res" is really really vague. I'd suggest updating your post with the SMP and residence number. ;) Makes it a lot easier for people to find you.
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  9. Kephras I thank you for the feedback! the server that this will be opening on is smp3the res number is 7293 I hope to see you then with anyone eles
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  10. I will not post any pics of the Village I don't want to ruin it for the people who want to come and if you want to see pics just come to it next Friday
  11. Im soo sorry that I was not on yesterday a family emergency happened and I needed to leave asap and this was the first time I was able to get to the internet I will be back in about 3 weeks sorry for any uncoviniounce
  12. Its fine always put your family before EMC because your family is limited when EMC is forever lasting.;)
  13. Uh? He'll most likely not last forever (at least not on this earth) though so he won't be able to play EMC forever.
  14. I have faith in EMC lasting a for over his lifetime.
  15. I got some news peeps come and find what's new