medieval docks

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  1. So I've started a HUGE project. Setting up a docks/market with a medieval feel to it. It's still in the early stages, but almost have all the framing done on the docks themselves.

    Plans for the area, stalls to sell goods, npc villager shops, inn/tavern, watch tower, and stables, just to name a few.

    I'll post updates as I go along.




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  2. Update on progress!!! Finished off the framing and set up the first few "stalls" and a warehouse! Next up finishing off stalls, adding a fountain to the lower area, making the waterfall more permanent on the far side, and who knows from there!







  3. I like your idea. It looks good, but I believe it needs a little more color and style variation. It looks a little repetitive. Luckily, it wouldn't require changing the docks or anything; all you would need to do is make more things that will draw the players' attentions away from the more boring features. For example, more buildings with slightly different styles and color schemes (not too different but enough difference to be noticed) scattered here and there as well as vegetation would give it a fresher feeling. This is just my personal opinion. Either way, keep up the good work! :)
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  4. Aye, it's still early, I haven't one much of any detailing. I appreciate the advice though!
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  5. Wow! It looks great, and a great choice of biome. What is the end-goal for this? Outpost?
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  6. That's the idea. The "stalls" would be a mix between player run and npc villager run. You can't see it from the screens, but up above I have area for tavern/inn and a stables that will be overlooking the docks, and area behind that for housing/whatever.
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  7. As a knight, this is the single most beautiful project I have ever seen.
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  8. Nice :) Are you going to have a ship in the harbor? Maybe some crates being unloaded, some kegs of wine? maybe stacks of chests. oh and you need some dogs and cats wandering around. Maybe some villager merchants in the little market kiosks. :)

    Maybe a big statue of a dude with a sword watching over the market... oh you could build that on that mountain, a huge statue standing vigil over the incoming and outgoing ships. or a lighthouse?

    ok, looks cool :) keep us updated.
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  9. I was thinking a chicken or two roaming around, along with the dogs and cats. I've been playing around with the statue idea, but I have a giant watch tower I am going to build off the the left. There is a perfect little island there that would fit it amazingly.

    I'm not much of a ship builder, but it's not a bad idea. I AM going to eventually add piers and a "harbor master's" office.
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  10. Cool!
    For the screenshots, I personally prefer a spoiler containing big pictures instead of the small ones, but I don't know if others agree.
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  11. Ah. I prefer that as well... buuut, not too sure how to do that.
  12. Code:
    instert image as normal here

    First build.jpg
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  13. So, added this tonight. This thing ate up half a forest to make, but I think it's a nice addition.

    PS: Thanks Scruffy for the tip on the coding! I'm an illustrator, and old enough to have learned BASIC in highschool, so I don't know much about BB code.




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  14. I actually like the look of that tower, keep up the nice work! Interested to see more c:
  15. Me likey, keep up the good work dude! :D
  16. Be careful about chickens and ocelots. Ocelots tend to enjoy killing chickens. (I think)
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  17. Seriously? well i guess that kinda makes sense :) (so you need a hidden chicken breeder that fires out eggs to hatch on the docks. :) a constant supply of chickens for the ocelots to hunt!)
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  18. I think it was added in 1.4.7 or 1.5. I really don't remember when it was added but here is a link to the page: :)
  19. Well, this took me a couple days to with mining and building. It gave me fits. I had to completely demo it twice before I got what I wanted. It's still about 95% detailed, but here is the newest edition to the dock area... the inn/tavern.



    Don't mind the flooring outside... that's a work in progress. SO MUCH COBBLE





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  20. Wow! Great work :)
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