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  1. "Oh my, what's going on here?"
    "Must be a staff meeting"
    2013-11-07_20.39.50.png 2013-11-07_20.39.53.png 2013-11-07_20.39.58.png 2013-11-07_20.40.02.png 2013-11-07_20.40.05.png 2013-11-07_20.40.14.png
    "Ah yes, it is"
    "Who's this? He must be up to no good..."
    2013-11-07_21.00.59.png 2013-11-07_21.01.14.png 2013-11-07_21.01.19.png
    ":eek:He's attacking all the staff!"
    "Our lone survivors. Well done"
  2. How did you do that!?!?!??!?!? Its awesome!
    First :p
  3. When you assign head gear to baby zombies/villagers, it renders above their heads.
  4. Haha cant wait to see the mods reactions to this :D
  5. Who's the second survivor?
    Don't recognize the skin.
  6. Deathtomb I think, not sure
  7. When I first saw the thread title, I immediately thought,

    "Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom..."

  8. The iron golem wasn't trying to attack Chickneer; Chickeneer is to amazing for that. If you look in the picture, the golem is actually trying to help him fly over the fence... he just didn't know his own strength.
  9. And how do you summon Baby Zombie Villagers vs Baby Zombies?
  10. Quite impressive for a three and a half block high jump
    I used an mcedit filter to help me make them
  11. Nice work Rainbow, looks pretty awesome. I might go play around with this right now :)